Thursday, April 22, 2010


This week has been crazy eventful for me. Between starting a part time job and finding/applying/getting an apartment, I only had time to get out climbing once. Unfortunately I didn't shoot digital, so I have nothing to show, I did however shoot some 120, that should be developed today. Anywho, this weekend Emma's father, Frank, is coming to visit here in AZ, so we're taking him to the Grand Canyon! So to hold you readers over till next week I figured I'd throw up a quick post. These are some photos of a little guy I came across while hiking in Bear Canyon. He let me get fairly close without even worrying about me, and once I settled in a spot he totally forgot. He was standing on his hind legs for quite a long time, trying to snag a few leaves off of this bush.

Tyler Gates
Good Life Photography

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