Friday, October 7, 2011

Sorry Folks

It has been far too long since I've updated anything on here. Getting into the swing of a new job, a new house, making new friends and somehow fitting in time in the outdoors has squeezed photography into my periphery. The good news is that it's back! Even though I wasn't doing much with them, I've continued to shoot and more importantly enjoy the outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest. I've also been fortunate enough to spend some time along the coast in Nor Cal, in the Canadian Rockies outside of Banff, and even some time back East down at the shore. Now back to the bad news, my computer is hitting the fan. Which obviously happened right as I was getting back into the swing of editing and reveling in photography. As you read this I'm waiting for a new battery and then it's back in business! In the mean time enjoy this photo I took on a recent climbing trip in the Enchantment Lakes Zone of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Central Cascades of Washington. More to come.


Tyler Gates

Dragontail Peak and Asgard Pass at Sunrise