Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brian and Simone's Visit: Day 1

So Brian and Simone came out to visit us, like three days after we got here ourselves. It was perfect, since we were all just exploring together. I can't believe how much we got done in less than 5 days. We loved having them visit and had so much fun together, hopefully they'll come back soon!(Spring Break 2010: Party in the Desert) Here are a few photos from our adventures, by day.

We picked them up from the airport and shot up to the top of Mt. Lemmon. Well we tried, but at about mile 8 I realized that I didn't have any gas, so we went back down to the bottom, filled up and then went up to Summerhaven. This was my first time all the way to the top of Mt. Lemmon, or at least as far up as the road goes, which is Summerhaven, AZ, somewhere around 9000ft I think.

Brian at Windy Point
View of Catalina Highway from Windy Point
Simone photo shoot @ Windy Point
Farther up(notice the jackets and pine trees)
Jazzy is a born mountain climber (somewhere above 8000ft)

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