Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brian and Simone Visit: Day 2

So day 2 comes, and despite 70% chance of rain and clouds all day we get a perfect 70F sunny day. So we headed to Saguaro National Park West to do some hiking, stopping at Gates Pass along the way. (P.S. Every visitor will be taken to Gates Pass and told that it is mine). Anyway we attempted a 7 mile hike to a 4000+ft peak, but ended up following a wash for 2 miles instead of the trail and had to forge our own trail to meet up with a real one about 150 ft above us at the top of the Kings Canyon. By the time we made it to the trail head that takes you to the peak some dark clouds were rolling in on the horizon and we decided to head back. We should've went for it since by the time we got to the car it was still dry and sunnier than ever out, but it was still an awesome time. After the hike we returned home to Emma and Nicole, and we all went out for a monstrous Mexican feast where we met up with Kyle.

Brian looking West from Gates Pass
Gates Pass: a shortcut through the Tucson Mtns found by Thomas Gates
Hiking in Kings Canyon, not on Kings Canyon Trail apparently.
Helping Simone up to the actual trail.
A view down Kings Canyon from on top of a dry water fall.

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