Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I've been following a blog by a man called Alstair Humphrey, in London. He's been involved with several long distance adventures through Europe and Asia, now back in London he has dedicated this year to the "Micro-Adventure," reasonable adventures close to home that anyone can get into. Well in that spirit I've been trying to up my single day adventures, longer day hikes, adventuring off the main trail on my mountain bike, and the like. Yesterday I decided to link up a few dirt trails between my apartment and work, turning my 8.25 mile commute into 10.9 miles.Well little did I know, but my adventure was about to get more interesting. I broke the 15mmQR to 9mmQR adapter on my front wheel, something I need to order to replace. Either way I ended up deciding to run home. I followed the Rillito River trail and then headed up Swan. It was a lot of fun running through the night in a bubble of light from my bike's headlamp. This adds one more night time adventure to climbing at mid-night in Cochise Stronghold a few weeks ago. I'm on my way to a 36 hour epic mountain climb.

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