Thursday, May 20, 2010

More from Tucson

Sorry the updates have been a little spread out lately. As I take on some more work, and get outdoors to shoot less, I haven't been able to produce as much for the blog. I did however just get a new scanner to scan some film, finally. I've been shooting a few rolls with an old c.1952 Ansco Ventura 66 Deluxe. As the name implies, it shoots beautiful square 6x6 frames on medium format film. Despite being over half a century old, completely manual, and not even top of the line of it's day, it takes amazing photos. In college I shot a series documenting the disappearing farms surrounding Philadelphia, exclusively with this camera. The final prints were 15x15" prints, blowing away the idea that you have to spend a lot of money to get clear and sharp 12o negatives. Oh yeah, the camera cost me about $20 on ebay, including shipping! Anywho, I've been shooting with it again, and plan to actually start shooting some climbing with it. In the mean time here is an addition to my on going shots from Tucson's interesting architecture.

Tucson, like most of the land making up this country between LA and NYC, using large crazy landmark signs for businesses. This is the sign for Vactor Ranch, a gated community at the bottom of the Catalina Mountains. If you've ever been to Sabino Canyon Natl Rec Area, than there is a very good chance you've driven past it. I know I have too many times. Everytime saying to myself "one day when the lights right, I'll get a shot of that." This time seemed as good a time as any.

Tyler Gates
Good Life Photography

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