Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally! An update..

Man, I have very unfortunately let this blog go to the wayside.  Life continues to go on as I struggle with my desire to photography and its competing with my desire to just let life happen.  Sometime photographing seems like a labored and arduous process, and sometime it's the only thing I could want to do.  My digital SLR has been broken for a few months now, and I've been using a point and shoot instead.  The lower quality of image has really forced me to try even harder when taking a photo.  The camera is a lot less lenient when it comes to poor lighting and contrast.  I've definitely loved the low stress and playfulness of having a point and shoot.  I've never really owned one before.  So hopefully I'll keep up with uploading some of those photos, as well as stuff that I shot with my DSLR before it broke.

For now, enjoy this photo from climbing at Frenchman's Coulee, outside of Vantage, Washington.

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