Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garden of the Gods

I was recently sent up to Colorado Springs for work, and they couldn't have chosen a better time. Perfect 90 degree days lead to 70 degree nights. While there I was sure to take in all there was to do, including mountain biking, climbing, eating BBQ(veggie burgers of course), and the mandatory trip up to the top of Pike's Peak.

I can only imagine what someone laying their eyes onto the sandstone formations that make up the Garden of the Gods for the first time thought. These spectacular spires that jut out of the ground for several miles at the foot of the Front Range are awe inspiring to say the least. The fact that it's a free park for the public is amazing, however it is a little disrupting always being within earshot, if not sight, of a road. I made it a point to make several trips to the park while staying in the Springs, and didn't regret any of them.

Tyler Gates
Good Life Photography

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