Monday, February 15, 2010

Recent Photos

Last week my buddy Grant stopped by during a road trip of the south in his veggie oil powered VW wagon. He was here for 2 days and we managed to pack as much in as possible. Here are a few photos I took while showing him around, and exploring with him.
One of the waterfalls in La Milagrosa Canyon
Pine trees and snow at the top of Mt. Lemmon.
This valley has become my favorite spot to shoot, a view from Mt. Lemmon.
This is a view from my favorite vista along the Catalina Highway up Mt. Lemmon.
It's called the 7 Cataracts Vista and I always stop here with people to show the shell of a van that was driven off the cliff. And until this day I had never seen the huge waterfalls flowing. It was a mostly cloudy day, and waiting around gave me the perfect light on the falls. I'd love to hike there next time we get a lot of rain.

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